Dear John,

Thank you. Thank you for bringing me back to this place of expression. 

A few years ago, I ecstatically, albeit reluctantly, embarked upon a journey similar to the one I'm beginning here. And despite it coming to an unpredictable end, I valued that process and learned so much. I came to realize that I am a better expert at remixing clothes than I am an expert of using clothes as repellent.  I prefer cheesecake over cupcakes. I am more of an ambivert than, let's say, awkward. And most importantly, I learned that I can't be disingenuous or one dimensional. I enjoy too many facets of fashion, art, culture, and politics to not reflect that in my content. We as humans are layered and complex, and that is what makes us beautiful; that is what makes our storytelling beautiful. 

I have often thought that living on a continuum somewhere between Mozart and Mos Def is a unique perspective that was already being scribed; but, to my surprise, I never found a writer who spoke to my experience. This void made it feasible for me to create this space - a space where waxing poetic about fashion is the norm, recounting travel experiences is done with jovial enthusiasm, and insisting our world be more inclusive is encouraged. This space is a platform that makes it possible to connect with others through creativity. And, above all, it is a oasis for myself, and others like me, to be an eternal romantic.

So, again I say thank you.  I am sorry what we shared had to end, but I must let you go and start anew.

Love always,