Wearing stylish clothing used to be a way of life for me, not the trendy thing to do, but a way of life and I lost my way; James Bianca put me back on the path. Starting with the basics, she not only helped me to rebuild my wardrobe, but elevated my overall sense of fashion. To her I am forever grateful for that, for without her assistance I was surely headed to the land of the dull and lacking.

- Kirk, Real Estate Agent


James assisted me with finding what style I like for my wedding dress. I was absolutely clueless about what I wanted in a fit, style or material. She picked several dresses and sent them to me, and as I went through them she learned my style and preference. She was conscious of my budget, my location (destination wedding in Jamaica), and was very encouraging. In the end I ended up having a dress made, but it was based on the preferences I discovered and discussed with her. She's amazing!

- Carmen, Federal Writer


James Bianca is an expert stylist in that she's able to curate a wardrobe for your every need and desire. We worked together for two special occasions: one was for a personal photo shoot where she styled me in a gorgeous larger-than-life fuchsia gown. The second was for a feature film reading where I played a self-assured professional executive. She styled me in a powerful corporate dress that immediately transformed me into the character I had prepared. I felt and feel completely confident in James' hands and look forward to working with her in the near future.

- Tina, Actor/Director